MusicAndTech.org is focused on the following two objectives:

  1. The organization of public and private music concerts and events that blend music and technology.  This includes a monthly community meetup in San Francisco.  Sometimes we rock out.  Sometimes we geek out.  Sometimes we get our Bach on.  But we always enjoy and appreciate diverse opinions and interpretations of music inside the acoustically bright environment of a beautiful, cathedral-like hall.
  2. The preservation, care, restoration and use of the 1888 Hook and Hastings pipe organ inside the 906 World Cultural Center at 906 Broadway, San Francisco.

The 906 World Cultural Center is in the process of becoming a California 501c3 non-profit organization.  Visit www.906.WORLD to learn more or use the Contact link above to volunteer with MusicAndTech.org, to sign up for the MusicAndTech.org email list or to plan a music and/or music tech event.